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Pal Zileri

  • by arobis

Since Pal Zileri began in 1970 they have been dedicated to the attention of the quality of their products and a devotion to the customer coming from their Italian culture. The brand was created in the eighties by a group of business men established in North East Italy. During the 1980s the group decide to change their identity and market position, which is now known today as Pal Zileri.

The product that Pal Zileri is most renowned for is the tailor made Italian canvassed suit, made from high quality fabrics and handcrafts improved by generations of tailors. The classic suit is adapted to keep up with modern times and generations without losing the essence of the traditional elegant classic suit. Working with one of the world’s leading wool manufacturers keeps Pal Zileri’s suits highly exclusive.

The headquarters is located in Quinto Vicentino but they also have stores in over 70 countries, including two in London. The store on New Bond Street has a sophisticated vibe. The interior is decorated with full length bronzed mirrors and the walls are covered in microfibre suede.

The brand has expanded into new sub labels including Pal Zileri Concept and LAB. They now also have accessories such as shoes, suitcases, watches and much more.

The 2013/2014 collection remembers the style of life of high middle class in the past. The use of dark and intense colours is used throughout the collection. The collection also uses the usual rich materialssuch as cashmere, silk and wool and designed with embroidered particulars. The new particulars are in the two new models of jacket, the centre of the new line of suits.

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