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Missoni, the Italian men and women’s fashion house based in Varese, with boutiques all over the world including one in New Bond Street and Sloane Street in London are marking their 60th anniversary of the fashion house with a campaign concept. Items of archive will be reproduced again as limited edition pieces and will be available in flagship stores from May 2013.

Tai Missoni began creating knitwear with his friend Giorgio Oberweger. Their designs for a tracksuit were used as the uniforms for the Italian Olympic team in 1948 which Tai took part in that year and met his wife Rosita Jelmini. Rosita’s family were a shawl and embroidered fabric markers. Tai and Rosita got married and started up a knitwear work shop in Gallarate.

Today Missoni is a family label ran by Tai and Rosita's children and is still known for its casual knitwear design, which uses colourful shades and patterns created from a vast variety of fabrics and textures including silk, cotton and wool. The most recognised piece among the Missoni line is their use of a zig zag pattern, as well as the label that uses stripes, geometrics and florals.

Angela Missoni's Summer 2013 collection started out with a new fresh minimalistic look, taking many people by surprise who expected to be taken away with Missoni's usual array of knits. She focused on white colours to begin with which was an exploration of the use of light. The Summer collection then introduced bright colours with luxury stitching and embroidery such as greens and oranges and the use of complex print shapes showed depth and 3D form.

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