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Zaeem Jamal

  • by arobis

Zaeem Jamal is an extraordinary brand founded in London. It aims to bring spirituality and purpose into the world of fashion with unique luxury evening gowns and cocktail dresses which fuse rich hand embroidery, individually picked radiant gem stones and luscious fabrics in vibrant colours, creating pieces that are stunningly beautiful aesthetically and philosophically. Soul and purpose are inserted into the dynamic world of fashion and couture by weaving cutting edge energetics with timeless spiritual designs.

Creative designer Zaeem Jamal introduced his namesake line in 2009 and remains the truly dynamic force behind the brand. The impressive debut runway collection from the brand received such high acclaim that he was awarded Best New Designer of the Year at DFW, and is now currently listed in the top 100 people to keep an eye on. With a strong following of private, dignity and celebrity clients requesting fittings and bespoke pieces, it appears he certainly is.

As part of a family clothing industry,Jamal was introduced to pattern cutting, embroidery and textiles at an extremely young age. After many years of experience in the fashion business and encounters in spiritual elements of cultures across the globe, Zaeem decided to blend these two worlds. After careful research and development into each element, the brand was launched and the story of spirituality in fashion began.

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