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Sadie Coles HQ

  • by arobis

Sadie Coles HQ is contemporary art gallery located on South Audley Street, London, owned and directed by Sadie Coles. Having opened in April 1997, the gallery has been at the forefront of the Young British Artists movement. The gallery focuses on presenting the work of established and emerging international artists.

The original Sadie Coles HQ's inaugural exhibition of paintings by American painter John Currin in 1997 was mounted in parallel to a show of works by British artist Sarah Lucas, The Law, in St John Street.

Since her inaugural exhibition, Coles has followed the same formula for each of her invitations. Taking the graphic identity of the gallery itself – a grey block that represents the gallery space and is found on all her branded material. Coles uses the same block on all of the invitations, allowing each artist to choose their own colour, while a piece of the artist’s work is then shown on the inside of the card.

Coles has since worked with Sarah Lucas since the founding of Sadie Coles HQ. From February to December 2012, Situation, a new gallery in central London, will show works by Sarah Lucas. The extended display will include works both new and historical, mainly by Sarah Lucas and occasionally involving other artists.

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