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Patrick Wyatt

  • by arobis

Patrick Wyatt is one of London's most creative jewellers. You can be sure that your jewellery is made exclusively for you.

At Patrick Wyatt it is very important that everyone deserve and receives unique gifts. Thais being the reason why every piece of jewellery they make is completely unique. You won't find a display window full of mass-produced disposable jewellery. What you'll find is Patrick Wyatt, full of questions, full of ideas, and with the resources to produce anything in precious metals and gemstones which you can imagine and you can be sure that they are made to the highest standards, at remarkably affordable prices.

Patrick is a great designer with the contacts and know-how to get any item of jewellery made quickly, professionally, beautifully. He works only on commission from his customers and combines a deep understanding of just what skilled craftsmen can achieve with the empathy to interpret customers' wishes in ways that delight them and - more importantly - those to whom each unique piece will be given.

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