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Illuminum is a contemporary, fine fragrance concept, seeking to bring traditional perfumery into the 21st century, searching out rare and exquisite flora from around the world, from the freshest bergamot from Calabria to the rarest Indonesian red oud. The emphasis at Illuminum is placed firmly on the quality of ingredients rather than the quantity. Creatively combined into four fragrance families – Floral, Citrus, Musk and Oud – each scent shines a spotlight on eight star ingredients using a supporting caste of molecules and aldehydes to help them sparkle.

Extensively acclaimed from the outset as beginning a new chapter in the story of British perfumery, Illuminum gathered plaudits from the fragrance and fashion cognoscenti and quickly acquired a coterie of high profile brand ambassadors!

The first seventeen scents in the ‘Vaporizor’ collection are at an indulgent Eau de Parfum strength. This improves the length of the ‘dry down’ or the journey that the scent makes on the skin, which means that they are perfectly designed for today’s hectic lifestyles.

As there was such high demand from clients, a home fragrance collection of natural candles was created using elegant black wax and opaque glass, proffering the entire range of scents, enabling clients to surround themselves with their favourite perfume. The Car Aromarizor was also created for those on the move, a contemporary gadget to ensure that every journey is a fragrant one!

The opening of the Illuminum Perfume Lounge in the autumn of 2011, truly marked the birth of the ‘Illuminum Experience’ . Located in the heart of London’s Mayfair this, the largest independent perfumery in the world, is a sumptuous space, lavishly decorated in Chinese silk and devoted to the ‘eighth art’ of perfume. The Lounge offers discerning clientele a magical experience of journeying through olfactory landscapes guided by our professional experts of scent.

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