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The Fields of Photography Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Fields of Photography Exhibition takes place at Somerset House from 14th March – 28th April 2013. Prepare to be amazed by our ever changing environment from the brutal to the beautiful, these stunning photos have been taken from all over the world, with many that have never been shown before.

The exhibition is the first of its kind to show both the brutal reality of our changing world as well as its beauty, creating a truly thought-provoking experience for those who visit it. The landscape images on display are not only focused on the earths terrain, with some breathtaking images of distant planets included in the mix. 

Some of the world’s best photographers from North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia will all be showcasing their work at the Fields of Photography Exhibition, making over 170 photos on display. Some of the work has been recently completed or previously unseen and the photographers have used a great number of techniques to achieve their striking images. Indeed, technology has played an important role in obtaining these shots, and the photographers have used planes, drones, robots and satellites in their creative arsenal.

This kind of Landscape photography gives a clear environmental message about the condition our world is facing with rising seas, ozone depletion and melting glaciers to name only a few. The pictures at the Fields of Photography Exhibition help to give these relatively abstract words substance, as well as to show us the importance of appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds us in our otherwise chaotic lives.

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