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Roland Mouret

  • by arobis

Roland Mouret was born in the year of 1962 in Lourdes, France. He decided to become a designer even though he couldn't sew.

The famous French fashion designer, whose famous 2005 Galaxy dress was a massive hit with women from all over the world - says that he didn't let his lack of sewing skills to prevent him from creating the collection he imagined. While the French designer is now incredibly popular, with celebrities such as Carey Mulligan, Beyoncé Knowles, Julianne Moore and Victoria Beckham all fans of his designs, he admitted he still doesn't ever sketch his designs and is instead a big fan of draping. He states "It's like my little party trick. Give me two safety pins and a bolt of fabric, I make you a dress in five minutes. You should see me with my napkin at the dinner table."

Roland Mouret wants women to feel good in his dresses and says he only worries about impressing his costumers with his creations as it's important for them to have confidence with their appearance.  He said: "Women who wear my dresses look good in them. I don't know why my designs have been so successful but women love them and that is very important to me and it's all that matters."

Mouret revealed also how he is a huge fan of couture but wouldn't consider launching his own line. Although he wouldn’t want a couture line, Mouret has recently celebrated the launch of his new menswear collection and said it was a new and exciting challenge to create clothes for men.

He continues, "The concept of the menswear came around from some of my female customers saying it would be interesting to see what I could do with a man. My notion of a man and a woman is that the woman is the jury and the man is the boss, you don't create the same kind of clothes for men and woman but the two do complement themselves."

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