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David Linley

  • by arobis

David Linley may be the Queen’s nephew but he is certainly a well-acclaimed furniture-maker who hasn’t relied on his connections to build his reputation.

Founder of Linley and chairman of Christie’s, Linley recently opened a ‘seasonal store’ two streets over from Burlington Arcade. One might think that with having two shops so close together might be too much but David strongly disagrees “Despite their proximity the stores serve totally different clients. For example Burlington receives a lot of Chinese tourists and whereas Albermarle has more locals who work in the area”

There is no doubt that Linley’s designs are aspirational, the Riviera desk is £50,000 but acquires the work of three craftsmen and over 420 hours labour so the price tag isn’t as surprising as you first think. The high-gloss finish features a Santos rosewood top and inlaid sycamore pinstripe, the sides and front of the chair are constructed with inlaid ziricote, completed with nickel handles and inset with red leather, it truly is a work of art!

People often say that the idea of ‘true luxury’ is especially embodied by Linley’s bespoke arm. What separates a piece of Linley’s furniture and a piece of furniture from somewhere else is certainly not just its quality, but its flexibility with colour, size and style can all be in the collectors hands. The only real limit to Linley’s creations is the imaginations of his clients, which doesn't seem to be a problem for this creative intellect.

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