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Randox Health

  • by arobis

If your car can get an MOT why can’t your body? As most UK citizens already know preventative healthcare methods are by no means a new phenomenon, having said that there are so many health risks that we don’t know about, that maybe can’t be changed simply by healthier eating and regular exercise. Your GP will always advise you when there is something wrong if you are showing symptoms of illness, but what about fixing the problem before it become a diagnosis?

Randox Health in London has spent the last twenty years and 200 million pounds to develop a personalised comprehensive health check that will do just that. They use special Biochip technology produced by their parent company Randox Laboratories, which has made it possible for a single blood and urine sample to be tested for over 300 different potential abnormalities. They combine cutting-edge science and traditional medicine to give you the best health check on the market.

The company believes in using their technologies as a preventative, rather than waiting for the development to need a cure. The body emits disease signals, often before or during disease development, called biomarkers. Their health checks are specially designed to home in on these biomarkers and their trained GPs and scientists will know what they indicate.

Their three health checks packages all include the most thorough process for your personal query starting from a basic one for a specific concern ranging to a fully comprehensive one for all types of analysis.

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