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Concierges' Choice

  • by arobis

This month some of London’s top concierge’s speak about their most highly recommended places to visit in the capital city.

Ashley Harman the head concierge at Intercontinental Westminister informs readers about The Royal Academy of Art, “The one destination that is a must visit is the Royal Academy of Art. Even for somebody that would describe himself as an art philistine, I am completely blown away by the exhibitions they have on offer.”

As he describes their exquisite exhibitions and exciting architecture he quotes, “I can honestly say that visiting their exhibitions I leave feeling like I had been touched by art.” Currently, at The Royal Academy of Art they are showing Eros to the Ritz, a dedication to London Street Architecture, which walking down Piccadilly, people are exposed to in abundance. He finishes by stating, “As you can probably tell, the exhibition has given me a new-found enthusiasm for art and if a self-confessed philistine can get this excited, it must surely be worth a visit.”

As Paul Whittle, the head concierge at Le Meridien Piccadilly, speaks about The Natural History Museum he states, “It is not only a magnificent architectural design inside and out but also a truly amazing place where one can spend hours on end exploring and enjoying the most diverse exhibits as the museum is home to the largest and most important natural history collection in the world.”

He continues by saying, “The real magic about this astonishing building is that, no matter how many times you visit it, it will always take your breath away. The recent addition of the Darwin Centre with its ultra-modern cocoon design may not be as pleasing to the eye as the Waterhouse Building but it still attracts visitors like a magnet.”

“The award-winning comedy ‘One man, Two Guvnors’ by Richard Bean had me in stitches and there were moments when my eyes filled up with tears”, expresses Paul Sabbagh the head concierge at Fleming’s Mayfair about the theatrical number.  

The show which incorporated glorious one-liners, slapstick and satire is the perfect combination for comedic perfection. He says “It was such a feel-good production that I left the theatre with an uplifted spirit and joyful mood. I would highly recommend that you see it while in London if you don’t mind aching ribs from laughing too much”, while also adding “The old theatre is wonderfully romantic a first date setting as well.” So if theatre is something you enjoy and this sounds like it might be for you make sure not to miss out if you’re only visiting the capital for a short break.

As Abdel Benfares, a Concierge at The Mandeville, speaks about the wonderful musical Les Miserables he gives us a little insight into the history of the show “When I first heard in the early eighties about the story about Cameron Mackintosh being approached by the French director Peter Farrago to produce an English-language version of the musical Les Miserables, I knew deep in my heart that it was going to be a hit that would stay with us for decades.”

He continues by saying “I was among the lucky few who managed to see the production when it first opened at the Barbican Centre, London, in October 1985. I’m a very big fan of Cameron Mackintosh productions and I enjoy reading Victor Hugo’s work. The story and the music go hand-in-hand and complement each other in such a harmonious way that in many ways we have witnessed the birth of a masterpiece.”

Make sure you visit each of these spectacular shows in London as you will surely not regret it!

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