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The Light Show

  • by arobis
The Light Show at Hayward Gallery opened on Wednesday 30th January and runs until Sunday 28th April 2013 and here you get the chance to see the fascinating natural occurrence explored to its fullest extent, through the use of sculptures and installations. Let yourself be drawn into this exhibition as it encourages you to think differently on this phenomenon we so often take for granted.


Some may be mistaken into thinking that the artwork on show here consist entirely of latest technology but some pieces date back to the 1960s. These older artworks use light as a material to help shape the space around it, whilst many other artistic pieces in the Light Show at Hayward Gallery use light to create specific conditions. Much of this exhibition demonstrates how light can affect our state of mind and our perceptions of reality.


Over 20 artists are involved in the Light Show at Hayward Gallery, however David Batchelor is definitely one to look out for as his sculptures are created entirely from objects he finds on the streets of London, and he gives them new life as light boxes. Also worth looking out for is Ann Veronica Janssen’s work, which consists of installations that toy with illusions and use light, artificial fog, projections and sound to create their effects.


The Light Show at Hayward Gallery is certainly a real treat for art fans and those who like galleries with a difference, as this unique exhibition gives you the chance to interact with the work on display. So come and see these fantastic installations, some of which are so rare they haven’t been seen in decades and have been recreated specially for this exhibition.

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