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Pancake Tuesday London

  • by arobis

This Tuesday 12th February, why not throw caution to the wind on Shrove Tuesday and indulge in that age old custom of cramming in as many pancakes and crepes as possible at various Pancake Tuesday London events. Whether it's free pancakes, gourmet crepes or simply the spectacle of watching runners make an exhibition of themselves, you're sure to find something of interest around the city.

Shrove Tuesday as it would be more traditionally known as is historically the time when families used up ingredients such as milk, eggs, sugar and butter before the 40 day fasting of Lent. Nowadays, we're more likely to stock up on the essentials specially for the occasion or head outdoors to enjoy the series of Pancake Day London events taking place across the city; let's face it, the pancakes taste all that sweeter if it's someone else who's done the cooking.

So enjoy pancakes for breakfast, lunch and tea in various 5ive Star London Bars and Restaurants across the capital, you won't regret it.
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