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David Breuer-Weil Project 4

  • by arobis
David Breuer-Weil Project 4 will take place at The Vaults of Old Vic Tunnels from Thursday 7th February –Friday 1st March 2013. If you’re into large scale art projects, then this will certainly be of interest to you as the exhibition is a tribute to contemporary life in the city and explores a range of urban themes, such as politics, territory and belonging. David Breuer-Weil conveys these themes through using everyday images from fire and water to boxes and feet.


David Breuer-Weil has always had a penchant for creating art in an extraordinary scale, such as with his Visitor series that involved a collection of large humanoid structures protruding from the ground. His more recent Project series has involved vast painted canvases and his last exhibition was Project 3 in 2007. Five years on, and Project 4 has finally arrived, and visitors to the exhibition can expect a series of even more impressive art canvases.

With over 80 paintings and over 200 illustrations used in David Breuer-Weil Project 4, which he has saved for the purpose of recreating something memorable, it is bound to be impressive. Some of the paintings that will be showcased include landscape images with some surrealist elements that give visitors the ability to interpret their own meaning from them. For instance, one piece of art involves an image of a small town with shapes somewhat reminiscent of Buddhas being rolled up into the middle of the picture, and another, referred to as Suburb 2, involves rows of houses with rubbish falling out of them.

Breuer-Weil has a keen eye for unusual locations for his exhibitions and his previous projects have been held in an abandoned multi-storey car park, a barge house and a crypt below the Roundhouse. The David Breuer-Weil Project 4 event is no different and will be held in the atmospheric vaults of Leake Street, with their slightly eerie backdrop adding to the feel of the paintings.

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