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Aurelia, the path between Rome and Valencia

  • by arobis
The restaurant Aurelia's menu takes the same path of ancient Via Aurelia, from Rome to Valencia. In discussion with the Financial Director, Karl Waney, nephew of restaurateur Arjun Waney we learnt what makes Aurelia's food and ambience stand apart from other Mediterranean restaurants. 

Karl Waney was working in the financial sector before he decided to join the family business. His love for food and extensive travelling experiences as a child encouraged him to assist in the opening of Aurelia in the heart of Mayfair. He belief in what makes Aurelia stand apart is the high quality of food, the professional staff and the the concept of sourcing ingredients from all over the world to meet the quality. The constant challenge of changing menus, competing to keep up with people's tastes and ensuring the quality remains the same is what keeps Aurelia on its feet! 

The head chef of Aurelia is from Rome and is experienced in the restaurant business. He ensures that everything is made on spot and the meats and pastas are fresh. 

London's restaurant scene is constantly changing and evolving. Peruvian food is the next big thing and appeals to everyone's taste buds. The ambience of restaurants transforming in to more casual lounges is high in demand these days and Coya Restaurant fulfills that aspect. (Coya is part of the same group as Aurelia)

Karl really enjoys working in a family atmosphere, something that has been incorporated in to the ambience of Aurelia, where one can learn from others and contribute to the wider success of the business.

Aurelia is an ideal location for family, business and social events. The food is authentic and served beautifully. Above all Aurelia is located in the heart of Mayfair, a walking distance from Browns Hotel and The Ritz London. It has the right buzzing atmosphere to help you unwind. A new addition to the menu are pizzas! We highly recommend those along with a selection of wine that the staff will be happy to help with. The tapas on the other hand is perfect for after-work drinks including the delicious slider burgers! 

For more information or to book a table please visit Aurelia

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