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The Barocci Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Barocci Exhibition London takes place at the National Gallery from Wednesday 27th February – Sunday 19th May 2013. Admire the work of one of the most talented 16th century artists, titled Brilliance and Grace, this fantastic exhibition showcases a range of masterpieces that reflect the gentle side of the human form, as painted by this Italian genius.

Federico Barocci, born in 1535, was a Renaissance artist whose influential work is characterised by his interesting use of vivid colours and his often religious subject matter. The Barocci Exhibition London has on display 16 of his most significant devotional paintings, such as The Last Supper in which we see Jesus surrounded by his apostles with angels flying overhead.

The Barocci Exhibition London will not only be displaying the artist’s classic paintings, but it will also be exhibiting five of his finest portraits depicted alongside their preliminary sketches. Visitors to the exhibition will realise that much of Barocci’s work has been inspired by people and animals, and in many of his paintings you can see how he has brought warmth to these characters through his use of soft lighting and colour.

The Barocci Exhibition London is showcasing works that have never been seen outside of Italy, making this gallery of artwork a real treat for art fans. So why not let the work of this Italian master capture your imagination and visit this unique exhibition.

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