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St.Davids Day

  • by arobis

St.David’s Day is taking place on the 1st March 2013 in many venues across London. If you have ever wanted to experience Wales without spending hours on a slow train then make sure that you’re in London for this spectacular cultural day as you will certainly get a taste of Wales right in the middle of the capital with the many St Davids Day events in London at pubs, bars and restaurants.

A St Davids Day treat for food lovers comes in the form of the Welsh cheese masterclasses at John Lewis. You can sample mouth-watering cheeses and then stock up your kitchen cupboards for St Davids Day at the food hall. Elsewhere in London, there's food, live music and plenty of cultural events to get you feeling nostalgic about the homeland. Or to keep it simple, as the bright and cheerful daffodil is synonymous with St Davids Day, why not take a trip around Kew Gardens to catch sight of daffodils in all their glory. You won’t regret it!

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