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Inspiring Science

  • by arobis

Inspiring Science at The British Library will be take place from Monday 25th February 2013 - Friday 22nd March 2013.If you have an interest in discovering more about the world through fact and logic, then this event is definately for you as this range of informative and amusing shows and exhibitions promises to dazzle all you sci-curious people out there.

The activities at Inspiring Science at British Library are hosted by both academics and scientists who will be using their expert knowledge to teach and entertain you. Among many of the events taking place for Inspiring Science at British Library, Festival of the Spoken Nerd is definitely among the highlights as the trio of intellectuals discuss the science behind the human imagination. This comic troupe consist of mathematician Matt Parker, scientist Steve Mould and musician Helen Arney and are well known for their eccentric and entertaining brand of science. Indeed, the trio will be asking members of the audience to help them conduct wild scientific experiments on stage, as well as introducing some special guests.

Many of the activities for Inspiring Science at British Library have a focus on the creative and how it links to the scientific. This fascinating blend of two subjects so radically different from each other makes for interesting observation. The exhibition named, Encounters Between Art and Science demonstrates how much the two topics have in common. Additionally, the discussions in Your Creative Brain look at the science behind creativity and feature an ensemble of philosophers, artists, neuroscientists and professors that will be tackling this complex question. Make sure you don't miss out!

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