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An Exclusive interview with British Designer, Julia Cameron!

  • by arobis

Julia Cameron is a young British headpiece designer based in Notting Hill and her lovely work is available at Wolf and Badger! Her stunning pieces have been worn by Keira Knightley and she is also known to have a very discerning clientele and offers special bespoke services to them as well. 

We had the experience of meeting her and learning about her London life!

How did you start?

Since a young age I knew I wanted to have my own business and start a brand, I wasn't quite sure what form it would take at first but Fashion and styling has always come naturally to me and I was forever accessorizing friends and visiting auctions and flea markets to source collectable pieces.

 I loved wearing headpieces and would often make them from some of the antique jewellery I found. I started getting a good response from these pieces then came the idea for my own collection. I designed several styles, sourced the chain and a manufacturer then it all spiraled from there. I suppose my desire to be creative and independent kick started me.

How would you describe your clients?

My pieces really have a transformative effect on the wearer and transcend age so I wouldn’t say I have a specific customer. It’s really about the confidence and character of the person and as there is quite a variety of styles of the headpieces so there is something for everyone and a piece to suit every hair style.

What is the most exciting aspect of your London life?

London is a constant source of inspiration. I live and work in West London and Notting Hill has always given me lots of creative energy and is my favourite part. It is such a mix, very bohemian and artistic. I love walking up an down Portobello with its colourful houses and the vibrant chaos of the market on the weekends, it has a lovely atmosphere an still retains a villagy feel to it. I am currently exhibiting at an amazing pop up called Mama Browns on The Kings Road which is in an old postal sorting office and features some amazing designers amongst art installations. 

Well worth checking out. The Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington is somewhere I love to spend time and I find very inspiring. The archives there house over 300 images taken by my ancestor Julia Margaret Cameron who the pioneer Victorian photographer famous for taking portraits of celebrities in her day. 

Your advice to first time visitors to London?

First time visitors to London should head to East London for its eclectic urban mix and great vintage shopping.  I would recommend visiting the Tate, The British Museam and Somerset House to check out an exhibition. The Wallace Collection in Marylebone has some great relics and a lovely tea room.

For more information please do visit Julia Cameron

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