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Technogyms Winter Workout tips

  • by arobis
Winter is a season characterised by colder temperatures and less hours of sunlight and it is believed that this climate has a direct effect on our appetite. Because we get less serotonin from the sun, our bodies tend to crave carb-heavy snacks as a replacement. With less daylight, there's often less inclination to go outside and be active too, meaning it can be easy for those without a fitness plan to pile on the pounds. Technogym have prepared some winter workout tips that are perfect for the change of season.

No wonder a lot of us like to see in a new season with a brand new training program and now that the weather is waning and the kids are back at school, there's arguably no better time to sign up to a gym near you.

Aerobics and dance classes are a fun, sociable way to work out. Most gyms will have plenty of different styles to choose from. A lot of gym members appreciate having an experienced instructor to guide them through the sessions and find that working out with a big group can help improve motivation.

It's important to mix up your workouts otherwise your body becomes used to certain exercises and your progress will plateau. If you've been smashing the cardio workouts to lose unwanted pounds for a summer holiday, perhaps consider focusing on resistance training throughout the winter months. If there's a sport you've always fancied learning, why not enquire about coaching sessions in your local area?

Having a fun new activity to look forward to is a great way to beat the winter blues - so take the time to investigate what your local gym has to offer. A personal trainer, who will be fully aware of the best muscles to enhance for particular sports, can be a great investment for athletes looking to prepare their body for a new season.

Having a goal set with a particular date attached to it can be the difference between a successful workout plan and one that is blown off faster than the leaves of an autumn oak tree. Create a goal that will motivate you to get active even when it's cold, dark and wet outside. Focus on the reason why you want to succeed. Let it become the factor that gets you away from the autumn TV schedule and out improving your body.

Perhaps you want to drop a couple of dress sizes before the office Christmas party. Maybe you're training for a long-distance race like The Great South Run. There's still time for you to hit that New Year's weight loss resolution. Winter doesn't have to be a drag, those who prepare a solid workout plan can easily end their year with a bang.

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