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Mindfulness at Grace Belgravia

  • by arobis
This November Grace Belgravia have announced that they will be hosting a four-week series exploring Mindfulness, running weekly the series will be held on Wednesday 6th November, Wednesday 13th November, Thursday 21st November and Wednesday 27th November.

Mindfulness is an essential business tool, which enables people to be more effective at everything they do and more resilient to the stresses they might experience in their lives. It helps people to consistently achieve their personal best, experiencing more job and life satisfaction in the process.

At Grace Belgravia they know what it's like to be overwhelmed by our emotions, whether as intense burst of road rage leading to behaviour we regret, or a slow burn of hurt and frustration which unsettles us for days. The four-week series will explore how mindfulness can help us regain and maintain equanimity, without diminishing our emotional self.

Mindfulness can help reduce stress and boost your immune system, help with decision-making and improve problem-solving abilities, have greater insight and increase mental flexibility. Mindfulness can even help you be a better team player, have more patience and compassion, understand emotions better, reduce pain & insomnia if you suffer from either and overall increase enjoyment of life.

Mindfulness is about training the brain to help you to achieve your Personal Best more often and be better at everything you do. Mindfulness training enables you to use the more advanced areas of your brain to respond to life, thickening the grey matter in these areas and changing your neural pathways.

Participants of the course are trained by a highly experienced Mindfulness teacher in various highly effective Mindfulness techniques during the 4 weekly 45 minute group sessions. They commit to practice these techniques individually with the audio CD or mobile app for 10 minutes every day between the weekly training sessions and they also receive daily email Mindfulness prompts. 

This course is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing. It has been delivered to hundreds of participants across the UK since 2010. Participants report that the combination of weekly training and daily practice enables them to embed Mindfulness in their daily life, helping them to be more effective and happier.
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