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Christmas Walks in London!

  • by arobis
Emma Parker is an award winning tour guide and the person behind Coutours that offer bespoke tours of London!

Today Emma shared with us some off the beaten track Christmas Walks. Emma believes that in order to truly enjoy London, one must try to walk around whenever possible. 

Below are some ideas for you to enjoy the festivities and colours of London during this festive time!

The Christmas Trail: 

Walk from the giant snow globe that is now covering Eros at Piccadilly Circus and walk in any direction to enjoy London's wonderful decorations and soak up the Christmas spirit. For an old fashioned, Victorian experience, head off towards Jermyn Street and Fortnum & Mason and transport yourself to a time when shopping was a completely different experience. 

This was the time of window shopping, promenading (to show off) and quality service. Visit the shops and boutiques that still grace this area and enjoy London from a bygone era, service included. No Christmas trip to London would be complete without a visit to Harrods and while you are there, a short walk to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park will really get you in the mood.

Charles Dickens' London: 

Take a wander through London through Charles Dickens' eyes to see the most interesting and unusual sections of London. Start at the glorious galleried inn, The George Inn, on Borough High Street for a tankard of ale (or a mineral water!) and walk through the atmospheric Borough market. For the intrepid explorer, head South towards Lant Street where Charles lived as a child and see many landmarks on the way, made famous by his books. Or head over London Bridge and imagine Charles doing the same during his nocturnal ramblings around the city. Once over the river, take the back alleys and lanes towards Cornhill and the Royal Exchange and stand near St Michael's church, listen for the bell to strike and imagine Ebenezer Scrooge running out into the street on Christmas morning after his ordeal with the three ghosts in A Christmas Carol.  After your walk, enjoy a hearty lunch at the oldest tavern in the CIty, The George & Vulture and try and  guess where Dickens would have sat. 

For more information and to book yourself a guided tour visit Coutours!
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