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Alexeeva and Jones Chocolate Christmas Tree Decorations

  • by arobis
Alexeeva & Jonesare very proud that people say that it really is the first shop of itskind in the world; a 'salon du chocolat' where you can enjoy anexclusive selection of luxury handmade chocolates from some of theworld's best artisan chocolatiers - all in one place.

Whichevertype of fine chocolate you like best, you can indulge your passion at asingle store in London's famous Notting Hill and with a number ofexciting things planned for Christmas be sure to call in and get a lovedone a gift that they are sure to love.

Aselection of chocolate Christmas tree decorations are sure to excite andwith so many different types to choose from your whole tree is bound tobe filled. The first to choose from is either a Pink or Blue HeartBauble filled with luscious praline truffles presented in a sumptuouslydecorated Christmas bauble with a beautiful heart design, this classicpraline truffle is created from a mixture of crushed roasted-hazelnutsand sugar piped into a velvety milk chocolate shell before a finaldusting of cocoa powder.

TheSnowman Bauble will definitely give you that wonderful festive feeling,filled with delicious sea salt caramel truffles and presented in asumptuously decorated Christmas bauble with a festive snowman design,the caramel centre is held in a 70% cocoa chocolate truffle shell thatis further dusted with fine cocoa powder.

TheCrown Bauble is next, with luxurious milk marc de champagne trufflespresented in a sumptuously decorated Christmas bauble with a regal goldcrown design, a creamy chocolate ganache is infused with the Marc deChampagne and then placed within a velvety milk chocolate truffle shell.The truffle is then dusted with fine icing sugar just as it should be.

TheHazelnut Praline decoration is a bit different, the four lusciouspraline truffles are presented in a festive red & green stockinggift box, this classic praline truffle is created from a mixture ofcrushed roasted-hazelnuts and sugar piped into a velvety milk chocolateshell before a final dusting of cocoa powder.

Lastbut certainly not least is the delicious sea salt caramel trufflespresented in a festive blue & gold stocking gift box - an idealstocking-filler!

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