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Mr Hare's Shoe of The Week!

  • by arobis

Every week, Marc Hare, Founder and Creative Director of Mr. Hare, chooses a style from the collection which is his shoe of the week. The shoe style this week is, as Marc himself puts it:

"Re-intro !! The Bacon & The Deacon are back.  They’ve gone from being At Large to being Killer, so let me take a moment to explain these key improvements.  The Bacon is still that tough monk-strapped,commando-soled derby you first fell in love with, only this season I’ve applied a military grain stamp, purely to add maturity to the shoe through wear ‘n’tear.  The Deacon now has rich suede inserts in its original brogue frame and that same ghillie fastening which,when tied together, I think, makes this shoe texturally exciting to slip on.

As you know, I’m a quite the stickler for that relationship between hem and shoe and these two are not only the perfect balance to a razor sharp, slim hem but are also commendable worn against a wider trouser or denim.  Both are suitable sartorial solutions to take you through the climatic conditions we are beginning to experience here in London.''

The Bacon & The Deacon are available in Classic Mr. HareBlack & AW13’s Killer Midnight Blue.

Marc Hare's creations are extremely comfortable but at the same time they can be worn at all kinds of occasions formal, semi formal or casual. There is something in his collection for everyone. 

Mr Hare is located in the heart of Mayfair very close to Browns Hotel and The Ritz London! You must pop in to get pair. 

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