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Australia Day at The Draft House

  • by arobis

This year the exciting Australia Day at The Draft House will take place from 9th – 26th January 2013 and whether you’re an Aussie away from home or you simply hold an interest in the country and culture, you must celebrate and have a wonderful time down under. There will be plenty of authentic Australian food and drink available, and a warm and friendly atmosphere, this event is sure to be a people pleaser.

The event has been known by many names over the years however, it has always been held in celebration of the first British fleet to arrive at Sydney Cove in 1788 and aims to pay homage to this wonderful civic festival by introducing guests to a range of Australian beverages. Why not indulge in some Australian craft beers that will be on hand at all Draft House sites, as well as a range of excellent bottled beers. These exquisite drinks will be on tap in the run up to Australia Day at Draft House to celebrate the countries wonderful contribution to the industry.

Everyone knows that Australia Day wouldn’t be complete without some great Aussie cuisine, such as the Ute Burger, which features a huge six ounce, 28 day aged Aberdeen Angus Hamburger along with pineapple and Thai-spiced chilli mayonnaise. Another highlight of the menu includes the wonderfully named Kylies Meat Pie, inspired by the legendary Australian actress.

Make sure not to miss out on this wonderful event, it is sure to be most entertaining and very ultural indeed.

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