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The Martin McGinn Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Martin McGinn exhibition at The Piper Gallery begins on Friday 11th January 2013 and runs until Friday 8th February 2013. Absorb some breathtaking contemporary art, presented in the newly refurbished building, by a celebrated artist whose career has spanned over 40 years.

Born in 1955, Martin McGinn’s work has often been involved in a range of group displays, yet Martin McGinn at Piper Gallery is a solo exhibition which gives visitors a fantastic opportunity to view a thorough selection of his ground-breaking and timeless art while examining how he crosses the boundaries between contemporary art and art history.

He is notorious for his historic paintings, using the work of ancient artists as a reference point to create a new meaning through his own artistic vision. McGinn contrasts light and dark colours within his reimagined pieces, making it unclear where the point of focus lies and leaving your eyes to scan across the multicoloured surface of the canvas.

The Piper Gallery will be showcasing a collection of still life paintings focusing on books and novels. He emphasises the dimensions and scale of the books, and even vandalises them in order to give the books a tattered and weathered feel. One of McGinn’s more notable pieces is a still life painting of a book titled Art History, the pages are curled and the cover is aged to ironically demonstrate how art history has begun to decompose.

The quality and time in McGinn’s work can only be appreciated at the Piper Gallery, so make sure you pay the exhibition a visit this January.

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