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The Seven Dials Designer Pop-Up Shop

  • by arobis

The Seven Dials Designer Pop-Up Shop is open from Monday 7th – Wednesday 16th January 2013, kick-starting men’s fashion in London for 2013. The Pop-Up shop will be presenting a range of designer clothes so you can start your new wardrobe as it will be showcasing a range of quality British fashion talent and also world famous brands, such as Savile Row, allowing fashion lovers the chance to grab some marvellously stylish items.

At the Seven Dials Designer Pop-Up shop you are given the chance to attend the designer’s individual presentations and some of the designers on hand to display their wares include Alex Mattson, Astrid Andersen, Jae Wan Park, Omar Kashoura, Jenny Schwarz, Orschel-Read, Bobby Abley and Martine Rose. Shoppers will even be able to buy clothes from their past and present collections.

The shop will also be housing a varied range of independent boutiques that specialise in men’s fashion, with grooming salons in the area so you can truly treat yourself. You will also be amazed at the spectacular range of accessories; you buy anything from luxury ties and leather bags to belts and cuff-links.

The Seven Dials Designer Pop-Up shop will no doubt have something for you to enjoy. So why don’t you revel in some macho fashion therapy and pick up something you’ll love to wear and if accommodation is needed why not stay in one of 5ive Star London’s luxurious Hotels, you won’t regret it!

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