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Le Patin Libre

  • by arobis

Le Patin Libre London takes place at the Alexandra Palace on Wednesday 9th and Sunday 20th January 2013. Come and see one of the most amazing ice skating performances of your life as this stunning show sees a mix of contemporary dance and ice skating moves used. It tells an intriguing and comedic tale that aims to reflect individualism and how it’s challenged by modern society.

The wonderful French-Canadian group has been bravely performing its unique brand of contemporary ice skating since 2005. Having been founded in Montreal, this collective is comprised of international level figure skaters who have been inspired by the contemporary dance and circus scene, and who are also the inventors of Tap-skating, a style of dance that mixes tap dancing with ice skating.

Those who visit Le Patin Libre London will certainly be able to see first-hand their remarkable athletic skill and their creative and cultural expression. The show exhibits their latest work, titled The Rule of 3, featuring a trio of world class ice skaters performing a silent black comedy about three men trying out a therapy to rid them of a strange addiction.

The authors, created this story as a satirical take of their past lives as formal, Lycra-clad figure skaters and their new found freedom in doing something new with their talents.

Le Patin Libre London promises to be a deeply symbolic performance that presents its meaning in a fun and visually spectacular medium, make sure that you don’t miss out! If you are looking for an enjoyable meal before the show why not dine at one of 5ive Star London’s exquisite Restaurants or stay in a luxurious Hotel, you won’t be disappointed.

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