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Carol Joy London at The Dorchester Spa

  • by arobis

Carol Joy London is one of the most luxurious beauty salons you could visit in London. They are constantly researching ways in which you can naturally maintain skin health and beauty. Carol Joy London have recently launched a new facial at The Dorchester Spa, The Diamond Facial with Oxygen. A very gentle treatment that enhances and refreshes the skin with the help of a diamond head infusion that takes away dead skin cells and gives your skin an oxygen boost. 

Additionally, the new eye treatment, IV Your Eyes Only, aims to incorporate various eye massages with touch of Rose Absolute (also known as the Queen of essential oils!) The treatment ensures that your eyes are left looking more lively, refreshed and radiant.

Carol Joy London's research is carried out in Switzerland. These treatments are available at The Dorchester Spa or Carol Joy London's stand alone store at Draycott Avenue.

For more information please visit Carol Joy London

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