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5ive Questions with the Managing Director of Carol Joy London

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Carol Joy London is a haven for those who are looking for natural skin treatments. The salon is a pleasure to visit and their products are available at The Dorchester Spa as well!

We had a chance to learn more about the brand by speaking with the Managing Director, Nicole Hatton who is usually based in Monaco!

What inspired you to enter the beauty industry?
I have been a part of the industry for most of my life, as a client.  I couldn’t find a brand that provided a perfect synergy between treatment and product.  I wanted to great this, a haven where women could experience true luxury, both in salon or at home.

5 things that set Carol Joy apart?
We are the only beauty company worldwide to use 100% pure Golden Millet Oil in all of our skin, hair and nail care.  This wonder essential fatty acid regenerates the epidermis, gives hair gloss and shine , and improves nail condition
We work from the inside out as we also supply a supplement of Golden Millet Oil to be taken internally to enhance the effects of our skincare, which works from the outside in
We are a luxury brand based in the best locations, such as The Dorchester Spa in London
Our range contains a blend of the best science and botanicals such as Golden Millet Oil, Hibiscus extract, Raspberry Extract, Horsetail Extract, Peptides, pure Diamond Dust and Vitamins and Minerals.  The range has been designed to prevent environmental damage and boost collagen production and hydration in the skin.
As well as our retail range, we also offer hair and beauty treatments that deliver serious results through excellent service and knowledge

Why is skincare so necessary in this day and age?
As we are exposed to pollution, increased UV exposure, chemicals, processed foods and higher levels of stress it is crucial that the correct skincare is adopted in conjunction with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  If we don’t look after our skin with the correct products, skin can start to look drier, more lined, produce more spots, age quicker and generally lose its vitality.
What's your daily skin care regime?
I cleanse tone and moisturise religiously, particularly as I fly so much. This keeps my skin in tip-top condition.  My favourite skin care treat from Carol Joy London is the IV Day Care. This light but hydrating moisturiser gives my skin an outer glow, even after a 10 hour flight.

What is your advice to a first time visitor to Carol Joy?
I would recommend the IV Cleansing and Gentle Touch cloth as a starting point. This cleanser is formulated with our precious Golden Millet Oil and Shea Butter which leaves skin conditioned even after removing make-up.   If you are unsure of your moisturiser, look at your skin. If you are very dry or mature, IV Ever night cream can also be used as a day cream. If your skin is oilier opt for IV Day Care, which is a light day cream that can also be used as a night cream. I would also recommend our Diamond Facial for instant results in a very relaxing way.  

For more information on Carol Joy London please visit Carol Joy London Official Website
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