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An Evening On Everest

  • by arobis
In 2011, Walking With The Wounded set a World Record by taking four wounded servicemen to the Geographic North Pole.

For 2012, the charity set its sights even higher and on the new challenge, and with the help of Glenfiddich, aimed to put five wounded servicemen on the summit of Mount Everest, 8,848m above sea level.On Wednesday the 5th of September  charity founders Ed Parker and Simon Daglish will take to the stage at The Royal Geographical Society joined by the 2012 Everest Team to tell of their epic experiences from the mountain accompanied with photos and film footage from this endeavour.

The team will speak about their journey from the battle field to the final selection process for joining the summit and base camp teams, including their summits of Manaslu, the world's 8th highest peak, and Lobuche, and finally their attempt on the world's highest mountain. Whilst the summit attempt was sadly cancelled this year due to unprecedented conditions on the mountain, the boys will relive their experiences of the challenge, from the initial section process to their training for this massive task.

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