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Illuminum Perfume Lounge Dover Street is worth a visit for those in London. Christine Benson, one of the Directors, describes the brand as an 'Essence of minimalistic chic'. Worn by the Duchess of Cambridge for her wedding, the brand has a wide range of perfumes and exclusive services to offer. The lounge experience is a unique way of testing and trying perfumes. Moreover, the perfumes have 'been created using as few ingredients as possible which gives them immense clarity on the skin.'

There are currently 16 in house perfumers that work with the brand adding to it's vibrancy. Christine Benson's advice to first time visitors is; 'When you enter the lounge your senses will be overwhelmed by the 32 incredible scents that form the Illuminum brand. Let our sensory guides take you on your own personal journey and discover a scent that is truly for you. A scent is as important as the clothes you wear, we all have such a minute capsule of time to create an impression on others, don't just stop at the way you look. The sense of smell is one of our most powerful and deeply embedded senses due to the fact that in prehistoric times it was necessary for survival even today scents evoke memories of the past, people and places. Therefore selecting the right fragrance is as important as the right suit'.

Perfume is a long term investment and Illuminum perfume lounge ensures that you are given the time and space to make a choice! You can book for sessions with friends and family. The lounge is also available for private functions and parties.

For more information visit Illuminum on 5ive Star London

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