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British Afternoon Tea at Browns Hotel

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Brown’s Hotel takes British Afternoon Tea to a new level with the introduction of the first prestige seasonal Tea Library. Brown Hotel will launch its Prestige Seasonal Tea Library on the 9th July 2012, consisting of a collection of exceptional tea productions from the world’s leading, independent, family-owned tea gardens.  Each of the unique teas is chosen by season, producer, varietal and even day of picking.


Tea traders Lalani & Company, who select leading tea gardens and productions across the world’s growing regions, have selected seasonal tea lots for Brown’s Hotel guests to enjoy.  The July 2012 Library will feature a collection from three boutique producers including teas of which just 10kg or less were produced this year.  These include Summer Reserve from The LaKyrsiew Tea Garden in Meghalaya, Himalayan Jade from The Jun Chiyabari Garden in Nepal and First Flush ‘Wonder’ from The Gopaldhara Garden in Darjeeling.  

Capturing the essence of modern British luxury, Brown’s is the first hotel to commission handmade tea ware pieces designed by British ceramic artist Billy Lloyd and Lalani & Company. The new tea library will be served in glassware by renowned glassmaker Riedel for perfect appreciation of the character and profile of each tea.   

“We are pleased to be the first London hotel to hold a Prestige Tea Library of this calibre.  The quality of these teas is exceptional and we feel that our discerning guests will greatly appreciate this experience.  Brown’s Hotel has a rich heritage and a passion for service so it is most fitting to be working with these talented families who take such pride in producing stunning teas on individual boutique tea gardens” Stuart Johnson, General Manager, Brown’s Hotel   “It is little known in Britain that the most exquisite teas need to be selected seasonally, drinking at their best. The teas we have selected teas for the hotel’s Prestige Tea Library stood out on every level from the hundreds of lots tasted this season. When a tea leaf is picked it captures the moment in time and place where it is produced - terroir, climate, soil, artisan methods and philosophy. It is only when stewarded and selected correctly that you will experience this captured moment from the infusion. ” Nadeem Lalani, Lalani & Company  

Brown’s Hotel, famed worldwide for its award-winning afternoon tea and approach to modern British luxury, is delighted to be taking a landmark step for British tea drinking.

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