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Fragrances of London

  • by arobis

Fragrance trends are changing with time. Individuals choose fragrances that help them stand apart and are suited to their personalities. Along with being a fine destination for shopping, London is a great place for independent perfume houses. Not far away from major shopping destinations like Fortnum and Mason and HarrodsOrmonde Jayne and Floris are the ideal perfumeries to visit for a unique fragrance experience.


Since 1730, Floris have been catering to a distinctive clientele. Run by the same family uptil now, Floris offer unique services to clients who are interested in tailoring perfumes to their tastes and personalities. A Fragrance Customisation at Floris consists of a 90 minute session with Floris' very own perfumer helping you add ingredients you prefer to an existing perfume from their range. This allows the perfumer to create a scent suited expecially to you. However, if you would like to completely stand out, Floris offers a Bespoke Perfume Design service spanning over 6 months and 3 appointments allowing the perfumer to spend time with you and producing a scent from rare oils that would truly compliment your personality or that special someone's.

Alternatively for a modern touch to your fragrance collection, Ormonde Jayne is a niche British perfumery that incorporates traditional British craftsmanship. Linda Pilkington started her brand ten years ago in the Royal Arcade. After having made candles for the likes of Chanel and Anoushka Hempel, she decided to launch her own perfume brand. Offering clients with a wide range of perfumes, spa products and candles, Linda is known to have used oils in her perfumes that have rarely been used before such as hemlock oil, but beautifully incorporated in her Signature scent, Ormonde Woman.

Ormonde Jayne's Perfume Portrait service is a testing of raw oils used in the perfumes to identify the taste of the customer and to help in choosing the fragrance suited most to them.  Oils are divided into five families; hesperadic, floral, intense floral, oriental and spicy oriental. The Perfume Portrait can be tailored to your needs for a special occasion accompanied by champagne and chocolates!

Ormonde Jayne and Floris not only stand out for their exquisite services but also for the personal attention that clients receive by the fragrance experts in store. They are highly trained and pay key attention to your needs. So why not drop in to store this summer to choose a refreshing floral and citrusy scent that will accompany you in your travels!

Visit Floris and Ormonde Jayne for more.

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