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The 2013 France Show

  • by arobis

The 2013 France Show London event takes place at Earls Court, from Friday 18th - Sunday 20th January 2013. This year, Earls Court hosts a full weekend of French fun, with cookery, property, food, wine, literature and fashion all in the mix. Whether you fancy getting to grips with French cookery or are looking to learn a little more about the culture through a holiday or buying a property, there is something here to tempt every Francophile.

Guaranteeing a full range of gourmet cuisine, this spectacular show brings together the best in French food and wine. Why not spend some time browsing the shopping isles, trying delicious samples and getting to know different kinds of meat, cheese and other treats from France. Then head over to the cookery theatre, which will be hosted by the several charming regional French chefs, and with expert wine tasters on hand to take you on a virtual tour of France and it's multitude of wonderful wines.

Also, the French market is back and certainly much bigger than ever. With over 50 hand-picked French stalls inviting you to try their wares and tempting you with delicious treats, this is most definitely a market to be reckoned with. Set around Market Square, you can work your way through hundreds of different cheeses, charcuterie meats, olives, and a host of authentic French crafts.

Fashion, music, art, and culture are also all in the mix this year, allowing you to soak up some of the relaxed attitude of French life. You can meet experts on all aspects of French culture, see French street theatre and live music, and meander among the authentically styled bistros and restaurants.

If French culture and food is for you, then maybe a trip to France should certainly be on your to do list.

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