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The Ice Age Art Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Ice Age Art Exhibition at The British Museum runs from 7th February until 26th May 2013. Ice Age Art at The British Museum is an exhibition that delves into the earliest creations of modern man, showcasing artefacts that are between 10,000 and 40,000 years old.

This marvelous exhibition has been named ‘An Arrival of the Modern Mind’, as the pieces on display were created by human beings with the same mental capabilities as us except many, many years ago. These magnificent sculptures, drawings, paintings and works of art are certainly evidence of man’s early progress into the artistic and the will be presented alongside modern works, by artists such as Henry Moore.

A number of pieces at the exhibition have been carved from mammoth ivory or deer antlers and clearly demonstrate how our ancestors experimented with a range of creative techniques.

Being located next to such advanced artworks shows that, although thousands of years separate the people responsible for each piece, the human desire to communicate and create remains prevalent.

Among these unique pieces, there are some particularly noteworthy items, such as the 23,000 year old sculpture of an abstract figure that influenced the work of Picasso.

The Ice Age Art Exhibition at The British Museum is a fascinating exhibition that shows how art has improved over time, while the human soul that desires to express itself remains the same.

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