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The William S Burroughs Exhibition

  • by arobis

The William S Burroughs Exhibition takes place at The October Gallery from December 6th 2012 – 16th February 2013. Fans of the dark, surreal and comic may well enjoy this spectacular exhibition as it showcases a range of Burroughs paintings, drawings and talismanic art objects.

Alongside being a writer, painter and performer, the successful American has 18 novels to his name as well as numerous film appearances, although he has had many troubles in his life, including drug addiction and the accidental manslaughter of his first wife, both of which greatly influenced his later work.

The William S Burroughs Exhibition focuses primarily on his revolutionary art and the way it questions the intelligence and morality of the world.The Exhibition delves into the mindset of this artistic genius and reflects on his concerns of ecological crisis in the age of space exploration. The artist saw the human race as affected by sadomasochistic impulses and saw the industrial revolution as a death trap for the planet and his art often explored the dark side of human nature as well as its intelligence, and often expressed these views through visual parodies and satire.

This exhibition hopes to challenge your perspectives on the present and future and if you like thought provoking art with a difference, then the William S Burroughs Exhibition is for you, maybe you’ll even find yourself inspired by his dramatic work. Afterward why not wine and dine in one of 5ive Star London's exquisite Restaurants.

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