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The Shezad Dawood Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Shezad Dawood Exhibition at The Parasol Gallery takes place from Wednesday 5th December 2012 – Sunday 24th February 2013. Be blown away by the British artist’s latest piece, The New Dream Machine Project.

The exhibition is part of this year’s Winter Light series, and puts the acclaimed artist into the spotlight at one of London’s leading galleries. Dawood’s sculpture creates an atmosphere which needs to be seen to be believed, it is a reworking of the original Dream Machine created by Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville back in 1959. Dawood’s spinning steel sculpture projects streams of light across the room and fills spectators with an otherworldly sense, creating an atmosphere which can become hypnotic as the vivid motions increase.

Each year the Parasol gallery’s Winter Light series sees a new artist display some of their work based on the phenomenon of light, which is fitting as during the dark winter months light often becomes a commodity.

To further the experience at this year’s event, there will be a film, also created by Dawood to accompany his spectacular sculpture, which will make this exhibition one of the ‘must sees’ during the Christmas period so make sure that you don’t miss out.

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