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Walking With Dinosaurs

  • by arobis

The Walking With Dinosaurs Live show takes place at Wembley Arena from Wednesday 26th December - Sunday 6th January 2012. This is your chance to see the Prehistoric world return after 65 million years in the wilderness. Following on from the hit BBC television show of the same name, Walking with Dinosaurs will enable London audiences to see just what it was like when the largest creatures to have ever walked the earth, walked the earth.

This magical performance takes the captivating world of dinosaurs to cities across the globe. The show boasts fifteen life-size dinosaurs created by internationally renowned designers working in conjunction with specialist scientists to get them as close to the real thing as humanly possible. You can expect to see the likes of the Utahraptor, the Stegosaurus, the huge Brachiosaurus and of course, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The amazing Walking With Dinosaurs Live charts the dinosaurs’ evolution, showing just how these huge creatures ruled the earth for over two hundred million years. Boasting a ten million pound production budget, Walking With Dinosaurs brings an almost frightening realism to the interactive creations, ensuring that audiences at Wembley Arena will not only find out all they’ve ever wanted to know about the dinosaur kingdom, but be wowed by a huge blockbuster of a spectacle too.

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