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The Treasures Exhibition at Natural History Museum

  • by arobis

The Treasures Exhibition at Natural History Museum takes place at the Cadogan Gallery from the 30th November 2012 and runs for two full years. This unique display that showcases the very best of the museums extensive collection is simply spectacular and is a must see!

The Exhibition contains 22 of some of the rarest items in the museum, all placed in one room for the viewing public to admire. The items on display have been specially selected by the museum’s team of scientists who have chosen each piece based on its historical, social, scientific and cultural significance.

Visitors should certainly keep an eye out for the dodo skeleton, the glass sculpture of a microscopic sea creature, Guy the gorilla and the skull of the now extinct Barbary lion that was discovered in the Tower of London.

You can also expect to see Darwin’s pigeons and his famous book, The Origin of Species, as well as some stunning natural artwork in the case of Hans Sloane’s nautilus shell.

Some other features of this amazing exhibition include the Oak TREE Installation by Tania Kovats, which has been inspired by Charles Darwin’s iconic tree of life drawing and celebrates his bicentenary. It spans 17 metres in length and has been made out of a wafer thin section of a 200 year old oak tree.

The Treasures Exhibition at Natural History Museum will run for two years in the museum, so you can take a wander round whenever you want, and why not make a day out of it and dine in one of 5ive Star London’s most exquisite Restaurants.

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