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Stargazing Live at Greenwich

  • by arobis

Stargazing Live at Greenwich takes place at the The National Maritime Museum on Thursday 10th January 2013. Amateur astronomers and lovers of the night sky should come and take part as the immensely popular BBC programme is taking advantage of the long winter nights to get a good view of the universe in which we live.

The event is hosted by Professor Brian Cox and comedian Dara O’Briain and will return to BBC Two on 8th – 10th January 2013.

This spectacular event will have its amateur astronomers hunting for asteroids and spider like features on the surface of Mars. To help them on this quest to navigate the depths of space, the BBC has produced a series of free resources, such as a star guide, as well as this there is also a special star party pack that can be obtained through the BBC website, which has many useful suggestions for people of all ages to get involved at home.

The event is being held at the National Maritime Museum where a number of free family activities will be taking place, including shows at the Royal Observatory’s Planetarium. Various other events include astrophotography workshops, meteorite handling and the opportunity to get a preview of English Touring Opera’s new production, Laika the Space Dog. Make sure that you don’t miss out on this spectacular event!

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