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The War of the Worlds at The O2

  • by arobis

The Musical Version of War of the Worlds at The O2 is on Saturday 15th December 2012. Experience the amazing sights and sounds of H.G. Well's sci-fi thriller this Christmas.

This wondrous event brings the amazing story of aliens invading the earth to life, with a fantastic soundtrack and stunning visuals, War of the Worlds at O2 is destined to be a simply earth shattering show.

The show, composed and produced by Jeff Wayne in the 1970s, is the musical version of War of the Worlds and is a stunning musical experience that is famous for being one of the best-selling musicals of all time.

With spectacular live music, theatrical effects, lighting and visuals, War of the Worlds at the 02 combines the brilliance of the original performance with a brand new cast and a huge orchestra of talented string musicians. Alongside the 30 foot Martian fighting machine, this multimedia mixture of sci-fi, music and adventure all make the performance an absolutely unforgettable show.

Tickets to the show also allow audiences to hear the unmistakable voice of Richard Burton as his speech from the musical is combined with the music and sound effects to add to the ambiance, so make sure not to miss out on this spectacular event. And if you need to spend the night in the capital city why not check into one of 5ive Star London’s spectacular Hotels.

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