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Dino Snores at The Natural History Museum

  • by arobis

Dino Snores at The Natural History Museum takes place on Saturday 15th December and runs until 19th December 2012. Adults and children can take part in a range of exciting activities with a unique series of sleepovers at the popular museum. This exciting event gives you the chance to explore the Natural History Museum outside of normal opening hours.

Dino Snores is a dinosaur themed sleepover sure to appeal to everyone who loves the ancient giant lizards. The sleepover takes place beneath the fossilized skeleton of the Diplodocus that graces the Central Hall of the Museum.

Some special events at the sleepover will include a torch lit tour of some of the museum's famous galleries, including the wing housing the dinosaur displays. Adults will have the chance to see some gruesome forensics, some stand-up comedy and have a great horror movie marathon, while children will have the chance to explore the corridors at night and marvel at the shadow cast by the Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as take part in many other child friendly activities.

The museum's resident insect expert is also hosting a live show all about bugs and everything insect related. Dino Snores finishes with breakfast and more fun events before the museum opens to the public on Sunday. Adults will get a three course dinner, a full cooked breakfast the next morning, and also a quiz with prizes.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on this spectacular event, you will not be disappointed!

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