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The Santa Skate

  • by arobis

The Santa Skate takes place on Saturday 15th December this year beginning at The Monkey Puzzle Pub in Sussex Gardens and then along to Hyde Park where they limber up before their unique journey across London.

The skate is guaranteed to be a great day out for all skaters, especially skaters that love to dress up as the jolly red fat man. Lots of Londoners are sure to appreciate the sight of Santa whizzing about town on wheels as a novelty compared to his usual reindeer drawn mode of transport.

The Santas will skate around the streets of central London for two hours covering an enthusiastic distance of 10 miles. Trafalgar Square is the stop off point for a quick break midway, where the Santas will be invited to scoff some mince pies and generally catch their breath before heading back out onto the road for another hour. The Santa Skate crew will then celebrate their successful skating evening with a Christmas party.

Make sure not to miss out on this fantastic event this December. And if you plan on spending the weekend in the city why not check in to one of 5ive Star London’s luxury Hotels.

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