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The Mughal India Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Mughal India Exhibition at The British Library will take place from 9th November 2012 – 2nd April 2013 and it allows you to get a true feeling of Indian history as it is the first exhibition to explore the art, science and culture of India during the reign of the almighty Mughals.

Spanning over two centuries from 1526 to 1757, The Mughal Empire was ruled by Muslim Emperors descended from Genghis Khan. This magnificent period was one of the world’s greatest dynasties, broadcasting a golden age of wonderful architecture and art, such as the famous Taj Mahal at Agra.

The Mughal India displays an exquisite array of manuscripts and paintings from this era. With over 200 items displayed, this exhibition will bring to light the exquisite life of the emperors, while also exploring the complicated politics of the time. Among the many artifacts, you should especially look out for the oldest surviving copy of Emperor Babur’s memoirs in Eastern Turkish, which is the Mughal ancestral Language.

Throughout the exhibition, there will be a large range of events put on for you to learn more of the culture and politics of the Murgals, including a late night music and dance performance on the opening evening.

The Mughal India Exhibition at The British Library is an exhibition that truly promises to be full of intrigue, which illuminates the lesser known aspects of this once great empire, make sure to make you way down this November.

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