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Doctors and Dissection Exhibition

  • by arobis
Taking place from 19th October 2012 to 14th April 2013 this year, the magnificent Doctors and Dissection Exhibition at Museum of London shall be on display where you can uncover the fascinating history behind the medical profession. This intriguing display brings together both human and animal remains, explores medical teaching practices and encourages visitors to reflect on medical ethics.

In 2006, The Museum of London Archaeology discovered a burial site consisting of 262 burials at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. Many of the remains that were found in that excavation displayed clear evidence of dissection, amputation and autopsy. It is these 180 year old remains that will be on display and also shedding new light on a significant part of British medical history.

In 1832, The Anatomy Act enabled Doctors to obtain human corpses for anatomical study, therefore paving the way for breakthroughs in medicine and surgery. However, the Doctors and Dissection Exhibition at Museum of London illuminates the darker and more sinister side to this act during the period it was released. The surgeons of this time were certainly very keen to learn more about the body, hiring so called ‘Resurrection men’ to supply them with human corpses. These high demands lead to a trade in corpses and even instances of murder to accumulate supply.

The grim tale of the infamous Resurrection men John Bishop, Thomas Williams and James May is told in great depth at the Doctors and Dissection Exhibition at Museum of London, describing how this dastardly trio were put to death for both theft of bodies and murder.

This exhibition is definitely worth a visit for those with a morbid curiosity as it promises to be a thought-provoking exhibition, reflecting on the cultural attitudes as well as ethics surrounding the treatment of the deceased. 
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