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The World Press Photo Exhibition

  • by arobis

The World Press Photo Exhibition at Southbank takes places in the Royal Festival Hall from the 9th November – 27th November 2012. Let yourself be moved this year as the exhibition returns for it 16th year to Southbank, while showcasing the very best in press photography from 2012.

The exhibition brings together award-winning photos from around the world, and sees over 5000 photographers entering the contest from 124 different countries. The major themes on display at the World Press Photo Exhibition at Southbank will include the aftermath of the Japanese Tsunami, the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi and the Norwegian massacre on Utoya Island. However, no censorship is put in place for these images, so visitors must be aware that the images may have a truly powerful effect on them.

The winning image this year is an image taken by Samuel Aranda of a women in Yeman cradling her son as he suffers the effects of tear gas. He was fired on as he approached a government checkpoint during a protest and remained in a coma for two days afterwards. This potent image clearly demonstrates the suffering of these people as well as how a family’s love and support can remain strong in the face of such adversity.

It is truly hard not to find these images deeply moving as the tragedy of these past events are captured. The World Press Photo Exhibition at Southbank is a definite must lovers of photography, as each image not only portrays sorrow and anger, but also demonstrates clearly that the there is always hope during times of hardship. Make sure to visit!

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