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The Chinese Art Exhibition at Hayward Gallery

  • by arobis

Art of Change, The Chinese Art Exhibition at Hayward Gallery, runs from Friday 7th September - Sunday 9th December 2012. It presents some of the most interesting and daring art that has emerged out of mainland China in the past 30 years. The Chinese Art Exhibition brings together nine of the country's most innovative artists and artist groups from the 1980s right up until the present day. The exhibition focuses on how installation and performance art has claimed a large space amongst the most controversial and subversive art forms in modern China.

Every artist featured in the exhibition displays work that alters its appearance over a period of time or is in some other sense volatile and unpredictable. As exhibitions in China frequently ran the risk of being closed down by the authorities, it often suited artists to create transitory and fleeting works that focused on the creative process rather than the finished product.

The Chinese Art exhibition has over 40 works on show, demonstrations important early examples of the artists' work alongside recent pieces and new commissions. ‘Purification Room’ by Chen Zhen is a main highlights of the Art of Change exhibition, in this piece simple, mundane items such as a bed, fridge and TV are all covered in a layer of mud that dries, cracks and then changes colour over time.

Other interesting exhibits include works from Liang Shaoji's Nature Series, here the artist choreographs the movements of silkworms and encourages then to weave their silk webs around sculptural objects, for example hanging chains and tiny beds. Art enthusiasts can also see work by Gu Dexin, who famously works with perishable materials. He has previously spent a year kneading all the fluids out of raw pieces of meat, and the resulting photographs plus the actual petrified flesh feature in the Hayward Gallery's exhibition!

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