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H7steria Concert

  • by arobis
On the 3rd December 2012, go absolutely crazy with the BBC Concert Orchestra as they perform the amazing Pierrot Lunaire as part of their H7steria Concert at Southbank. This magnificent concert captures the extreme manic emotions at the depths of human psyche across two unsettling stories.

The BBC Concert Orchestra's examination of the human condition concludes its journey through fear, anxiety, disturbance and madness with the music of Arnold Schoenberg, Peter Maxwell Davis, Jocelyn Pook and Muse. Arnold Schoenberg’s 'Pierrot Lunaire' is the main performance at the H7steria Concert at Southbank Centre, and it will consist of a series of melodramatic poems that explores themes, such as love, sex, religion, violence and crime. Pierrot Lunaire is seen as a sad Italian pantomime clown and in his last series of poems, he explores his past as he returns home. This half spoken, half sung rendition of the story will surely capture the imagination of audiences and truly blow them away.

One feauture of th H7steria Concert is the 1971 British film, The Devils. It tells a horror story set in the past about a Catholic Priest accused and executed for witchcraft. A disturbing film, with plenty of graphic violence and sex, it was banned in many countries, but its music finally is finding new life at the H7steria Concert at Southbank.

Other features at the H7steria Concert at Southbank will include a drastic acoustic reworking of Muse’s single, Hysteria, which describes the desire of wanting something so badly it drives you insane. Audiences will also have the privelege of seeing Jocelyn Pook’s latest work as inspired by her Great Aunts life in an Asylum. 

The H7steria Concert at Southbank promises to be an orchestral experience unlike any other, and is no doubt worth attending for those who enjoy the sinister side of music.
Make sure not to miss out!
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