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The London MENA Film Festival

  • by arobis
On Friday 26th October – Friday 2nd November 2012 at various locations throughout the city, The London MENA film festival will be taking place, showcasing the very best Middle Eastern and North African films there are to offer. As the film festival takes place throughout the capital, it aims to capture a vast audience, which will improve exposure to the vibrant and talented Arab cinema scene.

The Arab cinema scene sometimes tends to go unnoticed, as it often fails to gather momentum in the UK and the rest of Europe. This year, however,  The London MENA film festival aims to change this as it not only improves exposure to the medium but also providing a platform for talented producers, directors and actors to showcase their own skills right here in the city, resulting in very positive outcomes for all those who are involved.

This year’s London MENA film festival runs with the theme of children, with films such as In My Mother’s Arms and Majid particularly focussing on how they grow up in a world of conflict and despair but at the same time providing a beacon of hope for their elders. This very powerful and extremely intriguing theme will no doubt provide some excellent viewing so if you’re in any way a fan of cinema, make sure you visit this year’s MENA festival. Some of the festival venues include The Tricycle Theatre, Frontline Club, Chatham House, Leighton House and MOMO are all playing host to a festival that promises to be one of the better film festivals of 2012 so make sure you don’t miss this exciting event.
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